The Beechwood Village City Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at Beechwood Baptist Church, 201 Biltmore Rd. Enter through the side entrance by the playground then proceed down one level and the fellowship room will be down the hall on the left. All residents are invited to attend.

The City recommends that you first attempt to resolve the matter directly with the neighbor. If this does not resolve the matter, contact Metro Call by dialing 311 with specific information, including date, time and address.

Satellite dishes must be installed out-of-site from the front of the property, if possible. Dishes are prohibited in front yards.

The City enforces parking regulations to maintain the safety and accessibility of its streets. Visit our Parking page for details.

The City Council may not be aware of your new neighbors, so we invite you to contact us and we will gladly welcome your new neighbors and review City ordinances with them.

The City recommends that you first contact the neighbor directly and express your concern. If this does not resolve the matter, contact code@beechwoodvillage.org with specific information, including date, time and address.

Home-based businesses that involve employees, customers or clients reporting to the residence are prohibited. If you have a specific complaint about a neighbor’s home-based business, please notify the City Council.

Additions, including decks, and privacy fences require BWV City Council approval. Fences 6 feet or under do not require BWV City Council approval. First complete the property addition form, then present it to the City Council at the next scheduled meeting. If you have any questions regarding your application please contact the City of Beechwood Village City Clerk, Cherie Brewer at 502-558-2106 or via email at cherie@beechwoodvillage.org.

All items are collected on Mondays. Trash is every week, while recycling and yard waste are currently alternating weeks. Pickup is typically delayed by one day on nationally-observed holidays. Visit our Trash Pickup page for details.

If your trash, recycling or lawn waste was not removed up on a scheduled pickup day, please contact Waste Management directly.

Contact your city council representative, who will gladly explain and facilitate the process.

No. Our police services are provided by contract with Lyndon Police (Formally Graymoor-Devondale Police).

No. Leaves must be cleared by homeowners.

The City’s merged government adopted the comprehensive land development codes of Jefferson County, with enforcement provided by metro government. Details of these ordinances are available at the City of Louisville’s Land Development Code webpage. Note than in certain cases, the City of Beechwood Village’s ordinances are more restrictive than county regulations (i.e. parking, home-based businesses, etc.).

Contact the City Clerk, Cherie Brewer at 502.895.9951 or via email cherie@beechwoodvillage.org.

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